GTA 6 news and rumors: when will Grand Theft Auto 6 be announced?

Here's what we're expecting from GTA 6

Grand Theft Auto (Image credit: Rockstar Games)

When will GTA 6 be announced? Now that most of us have traipsed through the gorgeous world of Red Dead Redemption 2 on console or PC and gamers are looking ahead to the next open-world Rockstar game set in the Grand Theft Auto universe: GTA 6.

It's been a whole seven years since GTA 5 launched on consoles, meaning an announcement could be imminent, and the latest news and rumors suggest that GTA 6 could be on its way sometime soon - likely landing on the upcoming PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles.

The short answer is: no one knows. Despite all kinds of rumors, there have been no official details about GTA 6 from the team at Rockstar Games ā€“ but that doesn't mean it might not drop at any minute.Ā 

Although 2020 is still in its early days, a release this year doesn't seem likely without any kind of development announcement - especially with Rockstar's Dan Houser leaving the studio. But with the next generation of consoles coming at the tail end of the year hopes are increasing that we might hear something from Rockstar at some point. Ā 

Details may be thin on the ground, but that doesn't stop us gathering together the best pieces of gossip, rumor and fact for your personal pleasure. So without further ado, here's everything we know so far about GTA 6.

[UPDATE: GTA 6 loses long-time Rockstar leader Dan Houser. Read on to find out more.]

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Cut to the chase

What is it? The highly-anticipated next entry in the Grand Theft Auto seriesWhen it is out? Thatā€™s the internetā€™s biggest mystery (but we're pretty sure it won't be 2020)Will it launch on PC? Both GTA 4 and 5 made their way to PC (eventually), so fingers crossedWhere will GTA 6 be set? Unknown, but some rumors have suggested a move to South America

GTA 6 release date : when can I play it?

Red Dead Redemption 2 has now been in the wild for more than a year, which means we're hoping a GTA 6 announcement isn't far away ā€“ even though we're likely to be waiting a while to play it.

According to some rumors, we could see the next Grand Theft Auto announced in 2020, with a potential release in 2021, which would make sense considering we're heading into a new console generation at the end of 2020. However, Rockstar has been focused on getting Red Dead Online up and running which may have diverted attention, not to mention the potential delays potentially caused by Dan Houser's departure from Rockstar.Ā 

However, according to reputable industry analyst Michael Pachter, the game's actual release could be as far away as 2022. In an interview with Gaming Bolt, Pachter said that he thinks a 2020 announcement with a 2021 release would be the best case scenario, while a 2021 announcement with a 2022 release or later would be more likely.Ā 

Given 2020 has only just begun, expecting any news of GTA 6 in the immediate future is unlikely. But the Xbox Series X and PS5 are due to launch at the end of the year and if GTA 6 followed the release pattern of its predecessor, Grand Theft Auto 5, it'd be released at the very tail end of the current generation, comfortably released on the new generation and straddle both for the widest install base possible.Ā 

With no announcement thus far that seems optimistic but, hey, anything could happen.Ā 

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GTA 6 trailer: when can I watch one?

The thing about Rockstar Games is that itā€™s an incredibly secretive games publisher. No trailer is getting out of that studio unless someone seriously screws up.Ā 

Just look at what Rockstar did with both GTA 5 and Red Read Redemption 2. It teased an announcement a few days before dropping the first trailer for either game.Ā 

If thereā€™s a GTA 6 trailer, youā€™ll know about it because the internet will explode ā€“ and we'll let you know too, of course. But we're not expecting one anytime soon.

GTA 6 news and rumors: what do we know so far?

Below we've collected together all of the latest leaks and rumors that hint at when GTA 6 might be launched ā€“ and what we can expect from the new game. As always, take these details with a pinch of salt ā€“ some are old, some are from now deleted sources and others might just be keen fans getting carried away.Ā 

Dan Houser leaves Rockstar Revealed in a statement by Rockstar Games parent company Take-Two Interactive, Houser (who was has been on an extended leave period since spring 2019) will be officially leaving the company on March 11. His brother Sam Houser remains present as president.

Houser, who has variously acted as writer, producer and voice actor at Rockstar, led Rockstar Games to become one of the biggest developers in the industry. It's currently unknown whether this will have an impact on GTA 6's development.

CJ voice actor shoots down rumors Chris Bellard, the voice actor for GTA San Andreas' character CJ, has debunked rumors that he will be reprising his role in GTA 6. Using Instagram, Bellard posted that he's "not involved in GTA VI at all".

This doesn't rule out the return of CJ as a character entirely (Rockstar could always cast someone else in the role) but it does confirm that Bellard isn't involved and doesn't intend to be if asked.Ā 

Rockstar hasn't commented on rumors and we won't know anything certain about any cast for GTA 6 until it speaks out.Ā 

Steven Ogg at Brazil Game Show Steven Ogg, the actor known for playing Trevor in GTA 5, was in attendance at the Brazil Game Show in October 2019. According to someone who was at the event, Ogg said that GTA 6 will be coming "soon".Ā 

Ogg's reasoning, rather than any kind of inside knowledge as far as we can tell, is that Rockstar games "take 7-8 years to make, do the math." Doing the math from GTA 5's 2013 release date would mean that GTA 6 could release in 2020 or 2021, right in time for the next generation of consoles. That seems very soon for a game we've seen very little about but, hey, it's not impossible. We'll be watching this space.Ā 

Scouting areas in Florida Speculation around a Florida setting ā€“ even a game that encompassed the whole state ā€“ has been brimming after a leaked letter was given legitimacy by a well-regarded Rockstar leaker, @Yan2295.Ā 

The letter was to a Florida store asking permission for Rockstar Games to inspect the premises, presumably for use or inspiration in the forthcoming game ā€“ mentioning a location scout Leah Sokolowsky who hinted at a large digital media client in a podcast back in May 2019 (via Daily Star).