The Elder Scrolls 6 could be heading into full production as Bethesda begins hiring spree

A new job listing has led Elder Scrolls fans to believe Bethesda has nearly finished development on Starfield

The Elder Scrolls 6 could be heading into full production at Bethesda Game Studios, as newly discovered vacancies posted on the developer's website has led fans to believe that it's finishing up work on upcoming sci-fi RPG Starfield, and finally moving onto the next instalment in the acclaimed fantasy series. 

As first spotted by a user on Reddit, Bethesda Game Studios is hiring for a number of programmers to push "the bleeding-edge of RPG development for the PC and consoles" and assist with the "implementation of new gameplay features: player and characters’ behaviors, combat and powers mechanics, user interface, etc".

In addition, the studio is also recruiting a Video Editor to create trailers for its games, implying that Starfield is almost ready to be unveiled to the world with a full marketing campaign, TV spots and all. 

Putting the two together, it sounds like Bethesda has almost completed development on Starfield, and is ready to begin full-time work on The Elder Scrolls 6... or at least that's what fans are hoping for. 

The studio itself hasn't said anything about either game since first revealing them as next-gen projects at E3 2018, but - with the release of PS5 and Xbox Series X scheduled for later this year - it feels as though we could be hearing more about both titles very soon.

Of course, the studio is still hard at work supporting Fallout 76, too, but we'd advise keeping your eyes peeled to GamesRadar in the coming months for all and every new piece of Elder Scrolls news as soon as it surfaces. 

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