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US urges Britain to take another 'hard look' at letting Huawei into 5G

  1. Washington calls for rethink and claims Chinese firm has ‘back doors’ to mobile networks

  2. Patrick Wintour in MunichFri 14 Feb 2020 16.21 GMTLast modified on Fri 14 Feb 2020 16.49 GMT Shares 6

  1. Britain needs to take a “hard look” and reconsider its decision to allow the Chinese firm Huawei into the UK 5G network, US officials have said..The remarks, made on the margins of the Munich security conference on Friday, represent the most direct public warning from Washington to the UK that it should rethink and needs to recognise the high risk of exposure of the UK network to the Chinese state.the US officials stepped up their campaign against Huawei, claiming it can covertly access mobile phone networks around the world through “back doors” designed for use by law enforcement. The company stands accused of stealing trade secrets and lying to US federal investigators in a new US indictment released on Thursday.US officials said their intelligence showed Huawei had had a secret capability for more than a decade. Washington claims to have passed the highly classified intelligence to the UK and Germany.There have been reports of a highly charged phone call between Boris Johnson and Donald Trump in the wake of the UK decision. Johnson has postponed a planned visit to the US until the summer, citing the pressure of domestic work, but also reflecting the tensions between the two allies.

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