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When is GTA 6 coming out? Grand Theft Auto 6 release rumours Read more: https://metro.co.uk/2020/0

GTA 5 was Rockstar’s latest offering in the franchise (Picture: Rockstar) Rumours that Rockstar might be planning a new release have picked up, following the video game company’s unexpectedly large tax breaks. The large tax breaks indicate an increased production spend which may or not mean they have something big in the works. It’s been six years since GTA 5 launched, and while its success shows no sign of slowing down, fans are eager for new GTA challenges. So, does it look like a new Grand Theft Auto is on its way? Let’s look at what we know so far. Is GTA 6 coming out this year? The short answer is – no-one knows, and Rockstar has yet to confirm whether or not a new game is on its way. Previous rumours and whisperings have predicted the game might be launched to coincide with the release of the PS5 and X Box Series X consoles which are expected to release at the tail end of this year. Hypothetically, if paired with these launches, it would be a huge drop, especially considering the success of GTA 5, which was one of 2019’s top-selling video games. However, given GTA has never been a launch title, a co-ordinated release is not likely to be on the cards. In the absence of a new title, could a next-gen remaster be on the cards? (Picture: Rockstar) Then of course, in the absence of a new title, Rockstar could opt to release a next-generation remaster of GTA 5, which could keep gamers happy for a while. Without any official information, anything could be possible…

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