★ Fortnite Account with 172 Skins

★ 23 Legendary Skins

- Exclusive items

- 9,200 Vbucks

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- Solo Wins: 1080

- Duo Wins: 420

- Squad Wins: 332

- LTM Wins: 107

- Total Locker Items: 1,242 (includes skins, backblings, harvesting tools, gliders, contrails, emotes, sprays, toys, wraps, banners, music packs & loading screens)


★ Rarest Skins Included:

-Tomato Head

-Chomp Sr.




-Bunny Brawler


-Sgt. Green Clover

-Purple Skull Trooper


-Love Ranger

-Dark Voyager

-Codename E.L.F.




-Dante and Rosa of the Muertos Set

-Recon Expert


-Ghoul Trooper


-Sparkle Specialist

-Aeriel Assault Trooper

-Black Knight

-Renegade Raider


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Fortnite Account 172 Skins, Rarest Skins, Unlock All

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